Meth FAQs


The media in New Zealand has widely publicised the behaviour of citizens under the influence of the drug ’P’ (Pure Methamphetamine). What is less well known is the effect Methamphetamine contamination has on property and the associated health effects on humans and pets as the direct result of exposure to harmful methamphetamine chemicals.

1Why did the acceptable level of methamphetamine contamination change from 0.5ug to 1.5ug?

A committee of industry professionals gathered regularly to create an updated standard for the testing and decontamination of methamphetamine contaminated homes. The 1.5ug limit was voted and agreed upon. You can download the standard here –

2What is Anpure’s decontamination time frame?

We generally run to a two week lead time and will generally complete a job in 1-5 days depending on the scope.

3A tester has recommended I get my house cleaned but it has tested below the MOH Guideline of 0.5ug, what should I do?

It is entirely up to you. The guideline is set extremely low with little research around smoking contamination (likely reason for low contamination readings). It is of our belief that anything under 0.5ug is perfectly safe.

4Should I base the contamination level of a room off the highest reading in a test report?

No. Different building materials respond differently to contamination, some can be cleaned and some can’t. Anpure have hundreds of successful decontamination results on hand, we can tell you what works and what doesn’t.

5Wouldn’t the walls be stained?

No, the majority of homes are contaminated by methamphetamine use and do not leave behind any noticeable odours. In some cases a house that has been used to cook poor quality meth can leave behind a smell similar to cat urine.

6What are more obvious signs that a home may be a meth house?
  • Painted over or blacked out windows
  • Excessive signs (Beware of Dog, Private Property)
  • Extra security measures on doors, such as padlocks, bolts or other extreme measures to keep people out of a particular room or section of the home
  • Fire Pits around the property
  • Graffiti in a particular room or the garage
  • Erratic and strange behaviour by tenants
  • Lots of foot traffic in and out of a property
7Aren’t Methamphetamine properties typically found in lower income areas?

While it is more commonly found in these areas and in rental units, there have been multi-million dollar homes/hotels that have tested positive for meth contamination.

8What are potential health risks from living in a home that is contaminated by Methamphetamine residue?

Health risks can range from headaches, dizziness, skin irritation, allergy type symptoms, respiratory problems, excessive and unexplained nose bleeds, behavioural and neurological disorders in children and even birth defects. There are also known carcinogens in meth that can cause cancer to those exposed.

9 Can I be held legally accountable for Methamphetamine pollution in one of my properties?

Although it is not widely publicised, liability for health issues among people using the premises will fall upon the owner. This will become more apparent as the media in NZ picks up on all angles of the Meth epidemic.

10Does the wall lining/Gib board in the home need to be removed?

Only in cases where a large amount of contamination has occurred does drywall need to be removed. An advanced independent laboratory test will return a report stating exactly what level of contamination has occurred and some will offer you a remediation guideline.

11Can’t you just paint the walls with a primer or sealer to get rid of contamination?

No. While this temporarily encapsulates the contamination, in time the residue will bleed through all paints and primers. Methamphetamine labs use explosive substances and leave highly toxic residues from fumes and chemicals that permeate walls, carpet, wood and plaster.

12Does Anpure use cleaning products that are safe for humans and pets?

Yes. We absolutely minimise the use of chemicals to prevent further toxins entering your property.

13Will Anpure sort out the entire problem from the start to finish?

Yes, we will do as much or as little as the client requests, from cleaning and strip out, to complete reinstatement.

14I suspect my tenant is using Methamphetamine in my rental property, what should I do?

Put together any evidence you may have and call the NZ Police.



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      Even if no contamination exists, when a house is removed there is work required to level the site, remove waste and get the ground ready for construction.
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