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Silt fencing is a temporary sediment control device used in construction sites to prevent soil erosion and the migration of sediment from the site into surrounding areas, particularly water bodies. It's a barrier made of geotextile fabric, typically woven or non-woven, supported by wooden or metal stakes.


Site fencing, also known as construction fencing or temporary fencing, is an essential component of construction sites and other areas undergoing renovation or work. It's primarily used for safety, security, and delineation purposes.


We provide portaloo solutions for your construction site.


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    • Earthworks
      Even if no contamination exists, when a house is removed there is work required to level the site, remove waste and get the ground ready for construction.
    • Bulk Cartage & Hook Bin Hire
      Siteco offers a range of bulk cartage and hook bin hire options.
    • Demolition & Deconstruction
      Residential and commercial demolition and deconstruction of house materials so they can be reused or disposed of.
    • Asbestos and Contaminated Soil Removal
      Facilitate the required testing and safely remove all contamination prior to demolition. We have over 10 years of experience safely demolishing contaminated and fire damaged properties.